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PANZERSCHRECK #17 is an 88-page full-color, 6" x 9" format magazine containing three complete issue games--land, sea, & air--in addition to wargaming articles and brief reviews.  BATTLE OVER DUNKIRK is a two-player WW2 aerial combat card game, and part of the Battle over Britain game series.  It contains 16-page instructions, Dogfight Display, Reference Card, 32 rated warplanes (9 French, 9 British, 4 German, 2 Belgian plane types), campaign game, and four scenarios covering the 1940 Battle for France, and Dunkirk. Standard and optional rules included.  DER TAG, 1916 is a solitaire, strategic level game simulating the North Sea campaign between the British and German navies.  Comes with 17-page rules, set of Action Cards, small map, 60 British ship counters, 34 German ship counters (2nd generation BB, BB, BC, B, and AC types),  game tables, and game markers.  Standard and optional rules included. You pick the side you wish to play, and the game system handles the other side.  NAPOLEON IN ITALY 2nd ed. is an operational level wargame for two players simulating the 1796 campaign between Austrian and French forces.  Includes 12-page instructions, game map, set of counters, roster sheets, and game tables.   
Articles in this issue include thumbnail reviews of The Longest Trench (UGG), Sarajevo 28 June 1914 (Lamaca), Wargame Vault, Civil War (Avalon Hill), Enemy Coast Ahead: Doolittle Raid (GMT),  Wing Leader: Supremacy 1943-45 (GMT), Red Factories (MMP) and general articles including Game Ratings: Too Clever by Half?Retro 5th ed. Variant Game Marker SetSynopsis of Games Published in Panzerschreck 1998-2020, plus the usual editorial pieces included in each issue.  

Game components are provided in the pages of the issue, and must be scanned and printed.  Alternatively, you can order physical game components separately from Minden (see below; components are in color, on thick card, and must be cut before play).  

PANZERSCHRECK #17 stands in the long line of issues of this award-winning magazine, providing games of strategy that are high in playability and historicity.  Available both in book format, and PDF format.  If you've been a fan of Panzerschreck, you will no doubt be very pleased with this new issue.  If you are new to it, check out what you've been missing.  PANZERSCHRECK aims to recapture the feel of the golden age of wargaming.  We're very pleased with this edition, and are confident you will be as well.  Editor & Designer:  Gary Graber.

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Panzerschreck #17
PDF format
Panzerschreck #17
Physical book format

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PDF Panzerschreck #17
PDF Retro 5th ed.
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Panzerschreck #18
book format

Panzerschreck #18
PDF format

Panzerschreck #19 (book, PDF, game components)
Panzerschreck #18 (book, PDF, game components)
Panzerschreck #17 (book, PDF, game components)
Swordfish at Taranto, 3rd ed. (book & PDF)
Stalingrad: The Leather Factory (PDF & game components)
PANZERSCHRECK #18  (Winter 2020-21) is a 94-page full-color, 6" x 9" professionally bound book format magazine containing three complete, solitaire wargames.  This edition contains many game reviews (edited by our review editor, Robert G. Smith), variants, plus four classic interviews from earlier editions, featuring Richard Berg, Don Greenwood, John Hill, & Dana Lombardy. In addition to this wargaming content are three solitaire issue games. CHARGE OF THE LIGHT BRIGADE is a tactical game covering the famous charge during the Crimean War, 1854 (11 pages of rules, 6"x 9" map, 30 counters), with standard rules, and four scenarios.  GUNFIGHT AT O.K. CORRAL 1st ed. is a man vs man tactical game simulating the most famous gunfight in the Old West. Turns represent ten seconds, each counter represents one man.  Lawmen and cowboy rustlers are individually rated for gun speed, accuracy, experience, and morale.  You command the Earp brothers (Virgil, Wyatt, and Morgan) plus Doc Holliday against the Clanton-McLaury cowboy faction.  10 pages of rules, 11 counters).  FALL OF ROHM 2nd ed. is an abstract political game depicting the turbulent time in pre-WW2 Germany, as the National Socialists are consolidating power, and must effectively deal with Ernst Rohm and the S.A., and pave a way forward for Hitler's succession to Hindenburg. This new 2nd edition comes with 13-page rules, game display, counter set, plus new scenarios and minor modifications to the game system to increase playability. You must scan and print the components of the games before play. Alternatively, you may purchase a game component set separately if you wish a physical set to use for the games.  

Game reviews are provided for Campaigns of Montrose (Decision), Sea Kings (Worthington), 1066: Mother of All Tears (Hall), Custer's Last Stand (Worthington), Robin Hood (Worthington), Rampage (Decision), Santa Cruz 1797 (Bellica), To the South (War Drum), and Less than 60 Miles (Thin Red Line), and Roll for Omaha 1944 (Patterson).  Variants are provided for some golden oldies, NATO (SPI), and D-Day (Avalon Hill), plus the usual columns included in Panzerschreck each issue.  We may be biased, but we judge this is our biggest and best issue ever!

PANZERSCHRECK stresses old-fashioned wargaming fun, and has been written by wargamers, for wargamers.  Order your copy today, in physical book format, or electronic PDF format.  Three strategy games, loads of gaming content... great bang-for-your-buck wargaming fun!  

SWORDFISH AT TARANTO, 3rd ed. is a solitaire, tactical game depicting the British air assault on the Italian port of Taranto in November, 1940. About twenty Fairey Swordfish torpedo bombers essentially took out half of the Italian fleet during the raid, and the game puts you in control of the planes as you plan what approaches to use, where flares should be dropped, and what targets should be for your individual planes.  This edition is a 40-page, full color book, containing the rules, game tables, map, and Swordfish counters necessary to play.  All you need are two six-sided dice, paper and pencil, and scans of the game components.

This new edition features new scenarios, background articles, some slightly modified game tables that increase playability, and a Foreword by Norman Bell, editor of All Guns Blazing of the Naval Wargames Society. Designed by Gary Graber.

SWORDFISH AT TARANTO is a game player's game, and stresses not only playability but historicity.  See if you can duplicate -- or even better -- the results of the historic raid.
Panzerschreck #18
Panzerschreck #17
PDF Panzerschreck #18

PANZERSCHRECK stresses old-fashioned wargaming fun, written by wargamers, for wargamers. Order your copy today, in physical book format, or electronic PDF format.  Each issue is loaded with tons of gaming content... great bang-for-your-buck wargaming fun!
PDF Swordfish at Taranto, 3rd ed.
Swordfish at Taranto, 3rd ed.
Panzerschreck #19
book format

Panzerschreck #19
PDF format
                 Panzerschreck #19 CONTENTS
Opening Rounds ... Editor
Profile in Courage (HFD) Review ... Bob Flood
Retro in Review ... Rick Mathews
Making the Sausage: Red Dragon Rising Deluxe ... Ty Bomba
Lost Victories ... Hans Korting
Contest #19: Tipping a V-1
The U-Boat Campaign, 1939-42 ... Bob Flood
Electronic Adv Squad Leader Rulebook (MMP) Review... Editor
Game Reviews: Robert G. Smith, Review Editor
     Barbarossa (Diffraction)... Robert G. Smith
     Apocalypse Road (GMT) ... David Newport
     Gazala 1942 (Fastplay) ... Robert G. Smith
     Versailles 1919 (GMT) ... David Newport
     Battle of the Somme (Minden ) ... Robert G. Smith
     Stalingrad Besieged (Worthington) ... David Newport
     1918/1919 (GMT) ... Robert G. Smith
     Escape to Nowhere (Command) ... Robert G. Smith
     Dark Sands (GMT) ... David Newport
     Battle for Germany Deluxe Ed. (Decision) Robert G. Smith
Panzerschiff: Extra Ships Variant ... Gary Graber
Kovid Klassics: Panzer Dice (Duran & Aroca) Review ... Editor
Short Takes Variants ... James Meldrum
​     Air Force (Avalon Hill)
     Autumn Mist (Counterstrike)
Short Takes: Updated ... Brad Shatner
     Afrika Korps (Avalin Hill)
The Last Word ... Editor

Editor:  Gary Graber      Game Review Editor: Robert G. Smith

Contributors:  Ty Bomba, Bob Flood, Gary Graber, Hans Korting, Rick Mathews, James Meldrum, David Newport, Brad Shatner, Robert G. Smith
PANZERSCHRECK #19  (Summer 2021) is a 100-page full-color, 6" x 9" professionally bound book format magazine containing two complete issue games--both specifically designed for solitaire play.  This, the largest edition ever, contains thirteen game reviews, several variants (including extra ships for Minden's Panzerschiff), general gaming articles from Mathews, Bomba, & Korting, an historical background piece for the U-Boat game, plus the usual gaming columns (see Table of Contents, right). 

This issue contains two solitaire wargames on vastly different subjects.  Both games emphasize high playability and high historicity, in true Minden fashion. You must scan and print the components of the games before play. Alternatively, you may purchase a game component set separately if you wish a physical set to play with. 

U-BOAT CAPTAIN is a operational-tactical game covering individual German WW2 U-Boat combat. Comes with full rules (19 pages), 6"x 9" map, several U-Boat Displays, 27 counters, with optional rules, several scenarios and campaign games (of various lengths), extensive examples of play, and Designer's Notes.  Captain various historical German U-Boats (Type VIIB, VIIC, IXA, IXC) on North Atlantic patrols from 1939 through 1942 and try and achieve the most tonnage sunk you can, without being sunk yourself.  Sail to your area of operation... conduct daily patrols/searches...if you have an encounter, decide when/if to attack (watch out for escorts)... if you attack, perform the attack sequence and launch torpedoes, or use your deck gun.  Can you be a successful U-Boat Captain?  Designed by Gary Graber.

BATTLE OF CAJAMARCA, 1532 is depicts the climactic “battle” between Pizarro’s conquistadors and the cream of the Incan empire. In spite of being outnumbered 40 to 1, the Spaniards are the heavy favorite to win. But victory is not a foregone conclusion, and you’ll need to employ good strategy to emulate the historical result. Comes with 10 pages of rules, 6" x 9" map, 80 counters.  Designed by Gary Graber. 

PANZERSCHRECK #19 is loaded with fun and is available in book format, PDF format, and is also available for purchase via Amazon (also Amazon in the UK).  Physical game components available separately.

Panzerschreck #19
PDF Panzerschreck #19
Sample U-Boat Display
Sample Cajamarca Counters
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